About Us

About Us

An indigenous Nigerian company with years of professional experience in Alternative Power /Green Energy Systems, And also an ICT solutions provider

Our focus is to deliver enterprise grade services at costs that are very efficient. We are able to do this with genuine products that are feature rich, coupled with a wealth of unique and requisite skill set and in line with industry standards and general best practices. We only use branded products from well-respected manufacturers with more than 10 years manufacturing history.

At Nzeworld Nigeria Limited, we have a team of both experienced and young professionals carefully chosen through a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best hands and mind are available to add value and exceed all your expectations.


Puzzled about how much power your appliances need? Unsure about how much back-up you require? Bewildered with techno-babble from the experts that answers none of your questions?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Nzeworld Nigeria Limited...

  • All our systems are designed and installed by a dedicated team of accredited installers and designers. Because we employ most of our own people, you are rest assured of expert advice and first class installation every time (most of our competitors only use contractors or unskilled labour).
  • Nzeworld Nigeria Limited uses a unique cost-benefit analyzer to show you the estimated savings.
  • Superior quality products by high quality, trusted brands.
  • Free on site consultation by our trained designers.
  • Energy audits for buildings and industrial Scale.

Our vision

~  To reach to those who still live in dark.

~  To reach urban where conventional power source does not allow to enjoy modern appliances.

~  To take a part in reducing the carbon footprints.

~  To build an environmental sustainable energy and empowered with affordable and reliable information technology solutions to stimulate and increase social and Economic growth in urban and rural areas across the country.

Our Mission

Our mission is entwined in our passion and dedication to provide reliable, smart, user friendly and affordable renewable energy solutions while partnering with Information Technology companies to ensure access to readily available information technology solutions and services to drive both individual and corporate growth for our customers on a turnkey basis, which not only enlighten the life of a customer but also give them satisfaction, which also helps them to progress in every walk of a life. Above all, serve the humanity by adding green energy in the globe and take a part in the betterment of humanity.

Our Core Values

The secret of our success as an Energy and Information Technology company can be tied to
  • Professional Service
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Timely Delivery
  • After Sales Service
  • We are Affordable
  • Industry based experience

Our Motto

To liberate people from epileptic power supply.

We provide an end-to-end solution to clients including site survey, civil works engineering and construction, tower erection, equipment supplies, installation and integration into the network for site operations and support. We supply power equipment including, inverters, Central Stabilizers, CCTV Cameras, Street Lights customized solar power solutions and batteries in parts and also supply fully assembled power and information technology infrastructures on a need-basis or special demand.

Nzeworld Nigeria Limited partners majorly with Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), tower companies, Internet Service Providers (ISP), Small and Medium Businesses (SME’s), government agencies, Hospitals, Refueling Stations, and individuals.

We believe the best advert is a happy customer and excellent service, without losing sight of quality, efficiency and timely delivery.

We Specialize in

Solar Power Systems 100%
Inverters 100%
Networking 100%
CCTV 100%