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8 Tips To Maintain your Inverter Batteries

Batteries are the backbones of an inverter. They are responsible for the good performance and long life of your inverter. Therefore regular maintenance and care of the battery is very crucial. Just like any other home appliance your inverter and its battery require regular maintenance for effective operation and...

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What is Solar Energy

Solar energy might be described as the energy which is received from the sunlight and covered by a mechanical source for home use. It is both reliable and cheaper for operations as the sun is readily available. On the other side, solar panels are the mechanically built materials whose...

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How Power Audit Works

A Power Audit is the means by which your total electricity consumption is measured and apportioned to each electrical equipment that uses it. You can reduce your electricity bill by a possible 20% or more by simply knowing the culprit(s) behind your high electricity bill and adjusting accordingly. When an...

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